Crashes on saving

The last update seems to crash every now and then when saving. the fun part is it won't save it on the crash so I keep losing what I made.<br /> My specs: Ryzen 8 core 32 gigs of ram gtx 1080ti win 10

Just in case it will make a difference to the devs, are you trying to do the same thing over and over when it crashes? Am wondering if maybe something you're entering in is crashing it which can sometimes happen to lots of apps. Haven't had this happen at all with Mac version, just so they know that too.

Does this happen in one design in particular or in every design? If it is just one design, could you send it to us via email (

Crashing on 'save' has happened to me three times since the last updates, but it happens only sometimes. I am working on one 'design' only. I was thinking perhaps it was a memory constraint and was going to set everything up to work on my laptop which has much more memory. However, my laptop is similar to the system in the bug report above so it would clearly not solve this problem.

I installed Bootstrap Studio on a different computer with more memory, moved my files over, and so far have not experienced additional crashes .

I notice bootstrap is "not responding" momentarily pretty much every time I save. It basically freezes for 5 to 15 seconds(maybe longer than that) but I have never had to force close it. I've monitored the memory and it's not using an unhealthy amount, less than 400MB. It's just long enough to be slightly irritating.

@anthny: Most likely the pausing is due to the browser preview if you have it open and focused. You can alleviate some of that if you click another browser tab so that the preview isn't the one focused, or you can minimize the browser. This will take the focus off the browser preview tab/window and allow you to make your edits more quickly. Then just check the browser as needed. Hope that helps. :)