Crazy font problem that coincidently started with the release of Version 5.0

The craziest thing just happened, and I don't know if it has to do with the release of version 5.0 or not, (especially since I am still using version 4.58,) but all of a sudden, every one of my sites that uses the Google font Roboto Condensed is no longer loading the font in the BSS program unless I enable ALL the weights of the font.

The font shows correctly in the browser preview, so it's definitely a program issue. Typically I don't use the lighter weights of this font (300) on any of my sites, but I was scratching my head trying to figure out why suddenly the site I was working on stopped showing Roboto Condensed, so I opened another site I was building earlier in the week which also used Roboto Condensed, however on THAT site Roboto Condensed loaded correctly in BSS. I compared the two and the only difference was that in my earlier site, I had enabled the lighter weights. So I reopened the site I'm currently working on, enabled the 300 weights of Roboto Condensed, and BAM, all of a sudden the font shows correctly throughout the site at all weights. If I disable the 300 weights, the entire font stops loading.

I also re-installed the 4.58 version of program, just to make sure it wasn't a file issue. It made no difference.

Can anyone else confirm this?

I can't imagine a scenario where our 5.0.0 release affects 4.5.8, but I have been wrong before lol

Can you test if this happens on the online demo on our home page? It is still based on the 4.5.8 edition (we didn't have time to update it).

It did not do it in the browser demo, and strangely, it is now working correctly in my Bootstrap Studio on my computer.

Maybe it was a temporary issue with Google fonts? In either case, consider the case closed.