create a package to easily install on linux distributions using snap

I am currently using fedora and using snap has helped me a lot with when I want to install any program, the idea is great, because programs like spoty, notepad, sublime text, which are programs that when you want to install them often becomes a bit complicated for the user that starts in linux, I leave the link for the store and the tutorial to create the snap, I was tempted to create it on my own but I would appreciate if you took my proposal into account since it is a good alternative to facilitate the installation in linux distributions


packaging creation tutorial

I hope that my feedback is of benefit to the community and to you

As far as I know, BSS does not provide official support for Fedora or Red Hat systems.

Having said that, there are people who do use it on these systems.

Install: wget "" tar -xzvf 'Bootstrap Studio 4 (64bit).tar.gz'

Run: ./Bootstrap\ Studio/Bootstrap\ Studio