Create Classified

Hello, I have been using bootstrap fro sometime now and I am really enjoying it. Talking of the fluid nature, smooth flow when when among others. But I want a little help here, can someone help me on how to build classified or something similar?

Thus, a site that will allow automated publishing to various categories, sub-categories without me necessarily doing that. For example, how listings or classified do work, after submitting an ad, it goes automatically to its category.

I want to achieve building almost any kind of website with bootstrap.

Thank you.

You're going to need lots of javascript/jquery and PHP to be able to do a lot of that. If you have a host that you have cPanel with or something similar, see if they have any preinstalled apps that you can check. I know with cPanel they have some apps that will allow you to set up things like classifieds and online education courses, and lots of others. Might be simpler to try something like that than to program your own if you aren't familiar with those languages. If you are, then have at it! lol.

Thank you for the reply. I'm actually not much into the PHP and javascript/jquery. Which means, I would have to master these programs. Not now because my head is full of other matters, lol. I will then have to depend on the already made templates, buy them and use it for my works. Thank you again

If you have a cPanel or equivalent, a lot of these things are free to use which you can just install on your server and set them up. You can then just link to them on your website rather than integrating into it. Keeps it simple, and cheap too. :)

Be careful on what template(s) you purchase for things like this. Many times a website template only has the framework for something and not the actual functionality of it so you would still need to connect it all yourself with scripts and programming. Not that they all do this, just be sure to read the fine print so you know it is a functioning setup rather than just a framework for one.