Create custom options for custom components

I was wondering whether there's a way to customize options as it already happens with the Map Clean component.

I am planning to port some snippets and it'd be great to be able to enable some options in order to pass parameters:

Custom options are available for the current Map Clean component.

If you want to use custom code then this is not possible.

You can create your own custom components using the bootstrap studio components i.e. Nesting differnt components together to create your own ones

Chris, thank you very much for your fast answer.

What's the alternative then? I am interested in creating a component that I can tweak with options as you do with the map component where I can possibly pass an API key too.

To pass theough an api you you will most likely need to have some element which is a custom code component as only one I know within bootstrap studio that has api support is the map one that you have rightly identified.

What are you trying to create?

I am trying to create a Twitter Profile Card where the twitter id (i.e. @twitter_id) can be edited from such options panel.

Ahhh ok well for that to be editable in the options would require the BSS devs to create a specific twitter component, if you raise this is the ideas section I think it would be a good addition.

One more component that could be created could be google analytics snippet where you set you UA id and maybe some other options (like ga("set","anonymizeIp",!0)) or for us Europeans the cookie consent popup where you can add your own message. So there's plenty of use for an advanced input field module in custom components.

At the moment i have those components and i just edit my user.js to set the options, but it would look more professional if we could create and share a component that uses the option panel to set the data needed.

+1 for a cookie consent pop up

pop up again. Is there a way to do it?