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Hi BSS's (Jo)

So, we are killing Wordpress in favor of BSS. Wordpress just has so many bugs for us due to poor theme development. It is really hard to find a GOOD wordpress developer to not make these mistakes. It's overkill. So we're switching to BSS.

So I bought another license for myself, one for my sub worker, and now I'm getting my big client to start buying licenses.

We're going full steam ahead on the BSS train. Been like 3 years since I last used it, and it's only better. LOVE the script manager, I'll be able to get them to hit "Export" and bang out an .sh script to deploy to the server. These guys are going to LOVE what I do for them, all thanks to BSS.

PS: Please create a general forum!

Just did in BSS :) I then moved the landing pages out of my actual APP -- and in to BSS, this will save me a bunch of disk space and time working on building SEO in to my app -- now I do it directly in BSS. Win win win.

Unless you have need of a database-driven site, Wordpress is a big, bloated, slow mess. At least that's been my experience.

Welcome back Andrew, glad to see you're checking out all that the improved BSS has to offer these days. Still has many things to go yet, but it's definitely fully usable as a commercial or personal website builder now.

I fully agree on Wordpress, I hate it actually. Not just because it's bloated, but because too much of your website has to be (due to plugins) reliant on other people keeping their work up to date. I am a person that likes to keep all the work in one place and Wordpress to me is like having way too many fingers in the pot lol.

+1 on a General forum where we can just chit chat about whatever, share resources, etc. that would be nice indeed.

FWIW -- It's been my experience that "General" forums have proven to be a haven for contributors that don't want to take the time to accurately categorize their concern. And as a result, a "General" forum becomes a "junk drawer" where things get lost, tangled up, overlooked or ignored.

Right now, the categories would seem to be (almost) adequate ... that is, if we users exercise some self discipline and plunk our stuff into the right buckets. And we just need to add two new fora ... "None Of The Above" and "Chit Chat".

For example, when the BSS Developers tell us about a new release, just use a comment to ask a question about the release or say "thanks for the improvements". Don't use a comment in the "Announcements" forum to suggest a further enhancement or to report a bug. Instead, start a new thread in "Ideas" or "Bugs" as appropriate. Use a separate thread for each bug or "awesome idea". And, of course, don't report a bug anywhere other than the "Bugs" forum or explain a suggested enhancement anywhere other than "Ideas". Given that we don't have a "Support Ticket System", those user discipline measures are necessary so that the BSS Developers don't have to constantly comb through everything to identify and prioritize issues.

Additionally, the "Help & How To" forum should primarily be for user-to-user communication where the BSS Developers can also jump in as "super users" with their insights.

It looks like we do, in fact, need a new forum, but it should be clearly identified as only containing issues which need BSS Developer attention but are "None Of The Above" (i.e., not a release-related question, not a bug, and not a suggested enhancement).

We also need a "Chit Chat" forum where we can talk about things that are BSS-related but do not require the attention of the BSS Developers.

As I said -- For what it's worth...

Tony maybe this is the right direction. Just some more forums. Perhaps not General, I agree with the junk droor.

Great minds, etc. ...

  • BTW ... this thread would go into a “None Of The Above” forum (if we had one) since it isn't either a product bug or enhancement, but rather a project suggestion
  • 2nd BTW ... I'm not married to either of the forum names that I suggested
  • 3rd BTW ... (he adds sheepishly) the register button is misspelled at

Heheh thanks, will fixe for next publish! What do you think of the BSS Landing Page?

Landing page ... clean, intuitive, informative ... gray backgrounds a bit dull for my taste ... but all-in-all, a nice job

4th BTW ... this portion of the thread (talking about your BSS-generated landing page) would be a natural for a separate thread in a "Chit Chat" forum ... related to BSS but not requiring BSS Developer attention since it isn't related either to the BSS product (enhancement idea or bug ) or the BSS project (e.g., "please give us a new forum")

Yeah the wallpaper might be the most difficult choice in a good LP lol. Thanks for the feedback. Agreed with "more forums"

Thanks for starting this thread! There have been suggestions in the past for a forum where people can discuss general web development questions or showcasing their sites. There are also some existing threads that are useful but don't fit in any of the current forums.

The only concern is that if we open a new "Chit Chat" forum we risk "Who is your favorite Avenger?" type of posts. In my opinion we'll have to limit it to web development. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

I would love to have a place for Web Development Chit Chat, I don't think we need another place for "idle" chit chat, you can find those anywhere lol so I agree there for sure.

I woud also love a place for Web Development Tips, Tricks & Resources - where we can share resources which right now has been done all over the place (recent post on free image websites comes to mind).

  • Web Development
  • Bootstrap Studio Showcase (non BSS will be removed)

Not sure, but I'm going to suffice a good guess that changes on the forums will probably be things that shouldn't need a lot of policing :P I love the idea Andrew, removing non-BSS, but that would really require a way to constantly alert the devs that things needed deleting and would also mean someone on the dev team would have to regularly police the thread. From what we've seen for dev traffic (no offense meant Devs, just an observation and assumption), I don't think they have the resources or time to do that.

Would love it if it could happen though! +1

It's your company :) Do what's working.

I mean you don't need the devs to moderate the forum. You could entrust moderation duties to known contributors. Such as yourself Jo or Andrew. I have forum moderating experience dating back 10 or so years and would happily put my hand up.

I certainly would like to see the forum in general become more active, opening a more generalised section up is a good way to do this.

Yes I agree they could do that too, not sure what they will do if anything, just saying that judging by the amount of time they are on the forums, it's highly unlikely that they will want to add another chore on top of the work load they already have which keeps them from coming in here often. Lots of us have forum experience, but that's not what I want to do lol. I get accused of being nasty enough as it is :P

You could also just open the forum and sticky a post, "This is a test" and just see what happens?

Maybe you start getting organic SEO results from Google ;)