Create Reflow like component

Is it possible to use Javascript code in the editor? I would like to develop a component that displays data directly in the editor like Reflow does.

Thank you!

Yes, create your js file in the design tab and it will be editable in bss.

You can also link external editors (vs code, sublime, notepad++ etc) which will sync with bss. To do this right click on the js file > open in > Configure Editors.

Maybe I expressed myself badly. Sorry.

I want to modify the visual content on BSS and therefore also on the browser as happens with the Reflow Product List component which displays the products after an external API call.

Is it possible to change the content in BBS with Javascript?

Thank you

U can change it, but u wont see results inside bss also its really tricky and not worth ur time.

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It is something that you can do, but you should note that chances are that dynamically created content will not have a good seo rating as when crawled there will be no contents