Creating a list of changes made to defaults

I realized that upgrades from one version to another are not perfect. Several features of the original version are lost in the upgraded version.
It would be interesting, in a project, have a way to list all the characteristics and attributes that has been changed (are not with default values). BBS already does something similar internally, as it has the option “Reset All” in the Options Panel.
The usefulness of this would be, facilitate the creation of a new project manually, with the same characteristics of a project in a previous version, in which characteristics were lost in the conversion.
I must say that comparing two projects is the worst desirable task for a designer. There are countless parameters at different points on the screen.
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That would be where you go to and check for what changed there. Anything that usually changes codewise for this app will be reflected in the changes that were made to Bootstrap Framework (could also happen if HTML or CSS updates etc.). I don’t think there’s a need for it to all be listed for the app unless the app itself changes things which they usually post inside the app and on the forums here.

Hi Jo-r,
I don’t think I made myself clear.
The intention is not to list the differences made in different versions of Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, etc.
What I suggest listing is everything that was modified by the designer in relation to defaults.
For example, using BS4.6, if I add an Paragraph component, it is included with a lot of default attribute values. For example the transparent background color. I change it to White. And the text I change to “I love Bootstrap Studio”. The same is done with dozens of components until the design is Ok.
So, now, after an year, I need to upgrade BS to 5.0. If I convert, a lot of parameters are not converted because the version changes you mentioned.
Today, in this case, I have to manually compare parameter by parameter (of dozens of components) values to have the same design.
My sugestion of listing default changes is to have a list that shows ONLY the values that are not default values.
In my above example, the list of the older project (in BS4.6) will show me that I changed the background color from default transparent to white. And will show that I changed the text from default “Paragraph” to “I love Bootstrap Studio”.
So, looking the new project (converted to BS5.0), I just need to review this two parameters.

That’s my idea.
I hope I made my thoughts clear…

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Ah ok I “think” I see what you mean now. If I understand you correctly, you’re asking for something someone else asked for quite some time ago, and a few others too if I recall.

That the app would allow us to lets say, print a list of all changes made to a project when it’s upgraded from BS 4 to 5? If this the request you’re asking for, that would definitely be helpful big time.

I think something like that would also help in getting our custom CSS pages updated as well since the upgrade from one Bootstrap version to another does “not” include those files. The only files it changes are the default bootstrap files so we are still stuck with a lot of extra work to do to complete it. A change log of sorts that lists details would be great.

Please just tell me to shut up if I still misunderstood it :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, you captured my idea.
I would say it’s useful not only in version upgrades, but in other situations I’ve been through where I didn’t know exactly what I’d edited. Sometimes, even without changing the version, I needed to make a change (or an upgrade in my application, without changing the BS version) and I had a lot of trouble figuring out why some things were different after the change. This list would help to look for the problem more punctually. Sometimes you move a component thinking that it is responsible for a certain action, but in reality it is caused by another component, parent or child.

I even thought about trying to do something by reading the bsdesign file, but I saw that it is binary.

I’m not very knowledgeable about CSS, Bootstrap or jquery, so I bought BSS for a year initially. Now I just upgraded to Lifetime (and this is rare for me), because I really enjoyed the help it gave me, without needing to understand much of the aforementioned items.
I can say that I learned a lot in this first year, understanding now a little of what he does in the bowels. The learning curve was difficult, but I’m becoming a star.

If you want, I can try to help with this task, of course, if I have the capacity for it.
Best regards

PS: I speak German fluently too.