creating a website like amazon or facebook

Let's says I wanted to create a website like amazon or facebook. Or I wanted to create amazon or facebook from scratch using Bootstrap Studio. Would I be able to do it? I'm just new to coding and all that stuff and I don't want to spend time on something that can't create powerful websites. If this app just does what wordpress can does(which is limited) than I want to know it. Thank you guys!

You can do many things with this tool but it requires you (like anything) to spend time learning the basics before jumping in ?

In order to create anything line Amazon or Wordpress or Facebook, you would need quite a bit of experience in coding multiple languages. Bootstrap Studio would allow you to do it, but without the skills you won't be able to do much of anything close to that as it requires various programming languages such as PHP, jQuery, along with HTML and CSS and probably a few others to handle databases and such too. If you're looking for something that can create accounts, do a lot of what you're talking about, then I would suggest you work with something like Joomla which is a CMS similar to Wordpress only a whole lot more powerful. SMF Forums would give you quite a bit of power as well, but I don't know what type of purchasing plugins they have available or social ones either, it's been a while since I've set one up. I do know it can do forums and websites and is a pretty powerful CMS.

Start learning, if you're new to coding BSS isn't going to help you until you learn some HTML and CSS. The main base of the app is a lot of drag and drop, but it's not a 100% thing so anything you'd want to edit styles for you'd need to know CSS to do. HTML will help you learn how to structure the site correctly. Learn those and that will help with a lot of website building and will even help with CMS as many of them allow custom coding in areas and you can do things to the files as well when you know what you're doing.

Good luck whatever you decide, but if you don't want to learn to code, you best stay with Wordpress or Joomla type CMS sites.

I know HTML and CSS, and I'm trying to learn javascript at the moment. And I want to learn more. I want to create powerful websites. Not like forums or blogs or portfolio websites. So does that mean I can't do it with this app? I don't want my website to look basic.

In think you are getting confused with function over form.

If you want to create really nice looking websites using bootstraps responsive framework then yes you can do that with this tool.

If you want too start creating sites and apps that function like amazing and Facebook then no this won't because as jo has stated you will be limited by the fact that BSS doesn't support every web technology.

So with that said, it would say that if all you desire to do is create great looking site using HTML / CSS / and JavaScript then this is an awesome tool for doing so.

You'll forgive my addressing you as if you knew nothing since you posted yourself "I’m just new to coding and all that stuff" so when people say that (and they say things like that a lot and then get pissed because they do know HTMl or CSS or both or are computer programmers etc.). When you say that, you say "I don't know nothing yet, but I'm trying to make a great website" lol, and as I'm sure you would already know since you "do" know HTML and CSS, it just doesn't work that way without knowledge.

So the main things you'll have issues with here is if you're looking to use thigns like PHP and a few other higher end programming methods. They are not addable to BSS at this time, not sure if they will be, but hopefully some will at some point. This would be a drawback for adding really powerful things like designing your own payment processing setup, creating full a shopping cart system etc. This means you'd have to design the main setup within BSS and then export it and add the rest after. This of course means that BSS could not be used for editing your site after that as it wouldn't be able to see what you changed externally.

Another option is to add these things in as custom code boxes. This you can do to a pretty good extent, but still here you'll find that some languages will not be usable.

In the end, it depends on what type of power you are talking about, but I'm doubting it's going to do what you need at this time. You may find it best to email the devs using the Contact Us link at the top of the page, and give them a more detailed description of what you're wanting to do with a website and they could better tell you if this is something that will be added to a future version or not.

thank you so much guys