Creating Links(like navbar/footer)

When I open some of the templates I see that the navbar is linked between the pages. So if I edit the navbar on any page it updates for all of them. How would I go about doing this with other elements like divs and content?

Go through the tutorials, they explain all that :)

What tutorials are you talking about. It looks like they are all one page tutorials that don't even use the feature. So I don't see how they would explain it.

Edit: Well my problem with Jo's answer is that it did not help at all and I did not know if he meant the video tutorials. When I originally asked the question I did not know the correct term and where it was so saying it is in the tutorials did not help.

Just found the full term is "Linked Components".

If you read all the tutorials before attempting to use the program, and then watch and build the sample sites yourself in the example videos, you'll learn 99% of the program features. Beginners are constantly posting questions pertaining to basic functions that are explained in the tutorials, so it becomes rather tedious for veterans to write out answers that are readily available in the tutorials.

Well I have been using the software for some time and I know most of the features. I just happened to not use this feature and I did not know what exactly it was called. But my point is if you know it is in the tutorials it helps someone asking if you actually post the url or add the full feature name. I still had to look up quite a bit till I found it. If I knew the correct name I would have not needed to ask the question.

On another note: When I was trying to copy I was using the "copy to" which only allows pasting a copy. That is what really got me confused.

This answer below is why I don't bother to do all that. It all gets lost in the forums and not everything is easily searchable if you don't know what you're looking for. My telling you to do the tutorials is the best way for you to learn about the program, and not all are videos, but there is a video one that I posted a reply to in a thread that used to be locked till no one used it much, for Tips & Tricks. The post I did below was to outline the sections of the main video tutorial. Didn't do anyone any good since not long after the post was unstickied.


Video Breakdown of Sections for: “15 Features of Bootstrap Studio” listed in Tutorials

I’ve broken down the time slots of the Tutorial video named above. This video, although a bit outdated, and missing some of the newer ways to do things, is still a very very useful tool in getting started with Bootstrap Studio, and probably would be the best 10 minutes you’ve spent searching for info on the app that you’ll find. This will not only get you started, but packs a lot of punch in a 10 minute session. Use it!! Please!! ?

Drag & Drop 0:15 Selections & Components Options 1:46 Real Time Preview 2:05 Responsive Tools 2:41 Beautiful HTML 3:20 Built-in Themes (Colors) 3:34 Integrated Icon Fonts 3:42 Multiple Page Designs 3:58 Linked Components 4:34 Custom Components 5:42 Importing Assets 6:48 Writing HTML 7:33 Smart CSS Editing 8:24 JavaScript Editing 9:02 Link External Resources 9:18

Posted: August 25, 2017 at 2:38 pm


I spent a good amount of time working all these out, in the end it was wasted time because not many were able to see it. Hence, I'm not about to go browsing through it all for you so, if you want the answers that I know are there and tell you are there, you'll need to do that footwork yourself. Besides, you never know what other little gems you might find while you're looking for that answer :)