Creating new classes in css automatically

I couldn't find a way past the style tags on HTML, and would really appreciate an automated way to create the styles automatically in css(instead of style tags in the HTML file). Right now I would need to manually copy-paste it to a css file every time I use one of the options for margin, width, height etc. Is there any way to do so automatically? Love the program btw. Thank you.

There is a way, you need to just choose the file you want them added to when you are adding a new class or duplciating one. Instead of just adding attributes into the boxes blindly, pull down the menu above and choose the file/class/etc. and it will add it there. If you're adding separate classes you'll want to do this each time, if you are adding classes in the CSS pane and not in the Options Pane you can pull down the menu of the button on that window and choose the file for your default and all classes added or duplicated will go there automatically.

You'll need to choose this default each time you open the app or possibly per project (not sure on that part). I tend to do it each time I change something so I'm always sure things are going to the right file.

In the options pane you can easily update your custom classes as they will show up in the list for you.

Hope that helps!

You saved me a lot of time. Thank you!!

You're quite welcome, glad it was that easy to take care of! :)

I do think a setting somewhere ("Add all classes to user.css" ) set as a default could be a good idea.

What's your thought about that, Jo?

++++1 Marrco, I too wish I could set a default custom css file per project. That would save a lot of hassle and time and that way even if you were changing settings with the Options (Look & Feel) Pane it could automatically be applied to our custom CSS file, automatically bring up classes as it was before, but adding them to the custom CSS file, and "NEVER" go to the HTML page unless you told it to directly. That would be a whole lot more useful and helpful than the way it is now for sure!

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