Creating table rows and columns at runtime

Please help, how can i create table rows and columns at runtime with richtextboxes in all cells. Idea is too develop something like done on following link


Your question is not 100% clear, but...

as far, what i could see on your linked website, your could get your goal with

  • cascaded grids: <br> e.g. starting with 4 -> style: grid-template-columns:{} with fixed or auto-height <br> inside each column -> grid-template-rows as needed, eg.
    • 1. column -> 3 rows
    • 2. column -> 4 rows - etc.

Inside these boxes you can place everything you like, as in normal <div>s or so...

  • >Use a box-model like
    • display:block
    • display:flex

In both which you do the same cascading as in grids.

Lifetime will only be possible with e.g. javascript (pure or like jquery or so ) on client or php/nodejs on server to fullfill the dynamic arrangement and needed boxes displayed. At least you could create templates for the rows and boxes in the columns to be placed into the columns / rows and with thier unique ID you fill in the target content.


  • create a 4 column template in BS with 4 column-grids with named IDs.( <div id="col1">, 2, 3, 4 ...)
  • create a script placing the target conent into that DIV-ID (document-.getElementbyId("col1").InnerHTML= ""; where you put in the code you generated by javascript on client-side or fetch from the server (-> see. "fetch" / "xmlHTTPRequest" in the internet)

These filled in code is same like code as in normal generated html. It's just inside one e.g. &lt>div> you fill in.

You should read about box-sizing, flex and grid and so on in the internet. with dynamic contents you may also need to get familiar with including databse-content like mysql within the code delivered. I'm doing same like at the moment, and its a powerful.

Hope that gave you a hint - of course, there are many other possibilities...