Creating URL slug with Bootstrapstudio

Hi all,

So I’m trying to generate slugs like WordPress in Bootstrapstudio for SEO. Is this possible? if yes what are the ways that we can approach this problem?

Bootstrap Studio has no option for creating Wordpress slugs because BSS not a blogging platform. It’s a Bootstrap website builder.

If you’re looking for a custom solution, I’d recommend posting in the Webdesign Help category, since this category is for questions on how to use the Bootstrap Studio software.

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Wonders what a “slug” is? lol. I had to Google that one lol. You won’t find anything here that will do that for you in the app, and I’m pretty sure you’d need some kind of plugin running on your site to do this which has nothing to do with BSS at all. You may want to Google it and see if you can find help that way. I’m guessing that any assistance you will find will not be free or cheap as it kind of falls under the SEO portion of a website which usually takes someone with good knn0owledge to do it.

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Just rename your html file to have an individual name / slug …