CSS autocomplete should filter any part of the string, not just the beginning

When typing custom CSS, if I start typing "text" I will get "text-align" as an autocomplete option. This is good. But if I instead type "align," I will not get "text-align" as an option.

It would be very helpful to be able to search by any part of the CSS string. For instance, maybe you know you want an alignment, but can't remember if the correct command is "font-align" or "text-align" or some other "align." You could simply type "align" and view the results and say, "ah yes, there it is, 'text-align.'"

I routinely find myself wishing for this feature while using BSS.

Thank you for the suggestion! This sounds like nice improvement. We will investigate how it would work in practice for one of our next releases.

Fantastic! Thanks for considering my suggestion :)

Oh yeah, that would definitely help a lot of people I bet! +1

Ye it would be amazing, sometimes i forgot the full css parameter and was thinknig what the beggining was...and finished googling or messing around till i found it hah, it would be a good idea, but I would like to be able to disable or enable it since it would be annoying sometimes to me. Otherwise cool idea

+1 I love this idea as well. Great for very infrequently used rules that you "kinda remember" but not enough to actually write them out.

you can use an external editor for CSS like atom.io with your favorite plugin. SO you can have all bells and whistles you like