CSS Class Names, Selector -- Conflicts when using snippets - How do you handle ?

Hi BSS Users,

I was just curious how everyone else goes about handling CSS selector and names conflicts etc., when using various found snippets to be used within BootStrap Studio? Since BSS is based on Bootstrap there are a plethora of resources to be found and used, however this can introduce conflicts with CSS selectors (I would think?). Take for instance: Bootsnipp, Bootply, Bootdey, etc., etc., (too many to list, but you get the idea).

How do you other BSS users go about cleaning up class names, selector conflicts, etc., when using these resources in your BSS projects? Do you do it in BSS or before you import, or other? Or am I just over thinking this and its not really a problem? Any feedback, suggestions or discussion of your own experiences is greatly welcome.

Thanks everyone, BSS_User

You have to be methodical in what you use, and if needs be create new class names as to not have conflicts.

Thanks for the feedback Chris, I guess I was not over thinking it after all. If anyone else has some input that would still be welcome as well, thanks everyone.

I tend to name my classes or add classes with specific names to what the element is they are for. I usually tend to specify some type of name in the classes and ID's so that it's unlikely that it will conflict with anything, usually something to do with the type of content it's going for and include the initials of it or something distinct to keep it from being easily conflicted. I probably overdo it a lot, but so far it's working for me so I won't fix it if it ain't broke lol.

Thanks for the reply and input Jo.

One of the things we do here is that we tend to include something like [abbreviated companyname]-classname so that it doesn't conflict with other outside code.