Css editor and Image replace improvement


Please make priority of keyframe support to css editor because all links are not external css, i can work faster and it is very important support if it added in css editor.

when i search in css, i am unable to add css rule in result, so i need to find manually and then add css rule because i want to add particular classes together, please add support to add rule in css editor results.

currently css editing is time consuming then css file editing, you can add css file editing support like browser when i click on css link it allow me to write in file, you can add some type of formatting option to make it formatted and go back to current css editor. i think css editor needs lots of improvement because it is most used part in designing.

when i import images with same name it is automatically rename with -1 (numbers), so i need to delete old images one by one and add new images or i need to change all links of images that is lengthy task and not good if lots of file i need to replace, so please add replace confirmation dialog with options like windows file replace dialog that will lot helps us to work faster.

Thank you.

I +1 to everything above, but wanted to comment on the last part.

In another thread, discussing the duplicating fonts files, Saj and I were talking about the JS that was possiblly duplicated as well (it's not though so no worries there), and that brought up an issue that I am wondering about. Will there be a time where adding components from the UI or imported ones overwrites files/directories for other things than the images? I ask this because when we drag them in we drag various files, and directories along with them which we cannot see to find out if there are any conflicts ahead of time so they could overwrite something we really need and have edited extensively. For that matter we don't ever get anything that tells us what it imported either. Would be nice if we could see the file setup of the components in the list before importing and/or a popup that tells us what files are imported when we add a component.

Usually the imported components have the name of the component or creator in them so it's not a problem then, but I don't know if that's how it always is so just asking if this might be an issue as well if the app will eventually overwrite on these.

Thank you for all the great suggestions!

  • Keyframe support is coming in the next releases. Hope fully we can work on this very soon.
  • Yes, searching needs to be improved in the CSS editor. We will fix it and we'll also add the ability to search & replace in the upcoming releases.
  • There are limits to what can be done in a point and click CSS editor like the one we have in Bootstrap Studio. This is why instead of complicating the editor with all imaginable features we will add support for SASS files in the app. They are backward compatible with CSS and you will be able to edit them in a standard code editor.
  • There have been suggestions about the importing image behavior before, and we decided to add a dialog that asks whether you wish to replace images or to add them with a number suffix. There will be the option to remember the setting. I think this will help.

@Jo, When inserting components, no resources are overwritten. The originals are always kept. Maybe if there are name collisions, we can show a similar dialog to the one that will be shown when importing images with an existing name. You will see a list of resources there, and will choose to accept or decline inserting the component.

That would be helpful to be sure we don't accidentally end up with multiple files (some with appended numbers) or overwritten ones.

Maybe some testing on this would be beneficial to see if it does overwrite anything at all and if not then don't worry about it and don't go through the trouble of adding that name check.