Css editor can't know direction css property

Css editor can't know direction css property and sign this property as invalid.

Have the same problem Creating design in hebrew. Need this property Also nothing else work on navigation bar, not float not text align. Menu just stacked in displaying left align. Also when trying to apply line-height on class not working.

The same!!!! Anyone?! Just bought this product but it's absolutely useless as it is!

@Idco: it is far from useless just because it doesn't have that property enabled yet. Lose the drama and just verfify if you're having the same issue as someone so the devs are aware of things not working or features needed.

@lubchik: For the Menu items you're trying to get to work, that's user error. You're not doing it right if those are not working. Do remember you need to overwrite the classes that are already set for default Bootstrap items in order to make many things work as this is a Bootstrap utility. Those items work just fine, I've used them many times with default menus as well as 3rd party ones. Check how you're doing it and post in the Help section if you still can't get it to work. When you post, outline exactly how you're trying to do it and what you're trying to apply the classes to and someone will surely be around to help.