CSS Grid Integration

Flexbox and CSS Grid are not replacements for each other, but compliment each other nicely.

If the upcoming version of BSS includes CSS Grid as well as multiple monitors, more fonts...

(regardless of licensing [adobe webkit etc.]), and a few other items already discussed that would be great.

This has already been mentioned here I think

It's different for a number of reasons. First, the post went off point badly. And next of all, an offer was made. I'm requesting that @martin follow through on his offer:

"If CSS gains traction we can add support for it. It will be a separate thing from the Bootstrap grid with its own set of components." -- @martin

It seems to be a good feature, if this topic gets more popular, then it might be implemented as he says. +1

CSS Grid is very powerful and lightweight tool, that is very-very clear to understand. I guess that is not very difficult to integrate it with BSS. +

I found this very interesting as a way to quickly add CSS Grid layouts using data-attributes.


Please make CSS-Grid support in Bootstrap Studio as in Webflow a priority!

CSS Grid is already there since its using CSS for layout. The problem is that its a invisible grid layout requiring some form of visual tool to be used to be more effective for the user.

Any support of something like that would be a mistake in Bootstrap 4 because as soon as you would add something like a visual tool you would be nullifying the current Browser Supported Specification for Bootstrap 4. If maybe when Bootstrap 5 is released the Browser Supported list changes to be in line with CSS Grid then that would then be a option.

Bootstrap 5 will be a interesting release as there is talk of dropping jquery. And how do you handle the emergence of the competition starting to switch to CSS Grid layout models. Would Bootstrap 5 adopt something similar ?