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Edit margin/padding from here may be a good idea ? https://ibb.co/eJnTQa

As in the dev tools of a browser

Thank you for the suggestion! This would be a good addition to the sidebar. We are planning to add drag/drop incrementing/decrementing of values, similar to how it works with other text boxes on the sidebar. Or do you prefer it to be by entering text?

Drag and drop is nice, but we may want to enter text also so maybe the both? A single click to reveal the text box and click and drag to modify the value quickly? For the drag/drop, maybe the shift modifier key should decrease the sensitivity so we cant be more precise so more efficient ?

Thanks !

I too would like to see this implemented, both with the drag/drop to increment/decrement as well as a text box to enter them in manually.

I would also like to see some more of the settings include various methods such as with sizing it should have options for using "em" as well as the px that it right now is defaulting as the only option with. (do correct me if I'm missing some setting somewhere for this though, still learning how this new setup works and am so busy right now with work that I can't really take a lot of time to play around on it. next week should be a whole lot better for that. :)

it should have options for using “em”

and "rem" too, please

+1 This feature would be nice