CSS mask-image property not recognized


As the title says, the CSS mask-image property is not recognized by Bootstrap Studio. It shows as an invalid property. Is there a reason for this?


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You can try this -webkit-mask-image: url(YOUR-IMAGE);

Thanks. I tried that too but no go. Bootstrap Studio is actually saying it’s not a valid property. I mean, I can type the normal and webkit properties and I can test the mask-image property in my localserver just fine but Bootstrap Studio app itself is saying those are invalid properties.

The webkit works in preview, but BSS does not display it.
He writes an error on it



It would be good to use the webkit features. Will this be fixed in a future update? @martin

@blackjersey It is good that you mentioned this topic :+1:

No problem. I think it is also noteworthy that the current CSS mask-image specs will only work in a localserver due to CORS. It will be great if we can reference a local file to use and preview it in BSS livepreview. I had to setup a separate localserver just so I can use a local file as an image mask.

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Thank you for the report! The mask-image property is supported in Chrome only as -webkit-mask-image. Since Bootstrap Studio is built using Electron (which is basically a Chrome window), mask-image wont work in the app.

There was an issue that caused -webkit-mask-image to be shown as invalid, which we’ll fix in our next update.