CSS not working

can some one help please - when I upload website to cpanel it won't display properly website is here http://othstest.atwebpages.com/

Can some please advise on how to fix this? Thank you!

You have 80+ errors on your page and they are all due to CSS not being loaded?!! Why in the world would you have every single thing in its own CSS file? That is not practical in any way. Other than that, you didn't upload your entire site, or you moved the files somewhere else and the site doesn't know where they are.

I just used one of the templates and edited it, then exported it and uploaded it to the file manger. Are you able to help with this?

Which template did you use? Did you add anything to it at all or just upload it as it was default?

Hi Jo, I used one of the landing page templates and then added pages myself. I then added somethings from the studio / online section. I exported it and then uploaded via file manager. I had a similar problem before and Saj advised that the server couldn't read the assets folder. I tried to remove the files from the assets folder but that hasn't worked this time. Would you have any advise on how I could resolve this? Thanks a mill for your help.

Upload your project file to your server "temporarily" and give a link here so people here can take a look and see what might be wrong.

Also give us the following information as well so we can test on the correct formats (in other words, I'm on a Mac and if you're not it wouldn't pay for me to test it as it may not work the same, or it may be a bug with your OS and not mine etc.):

Operating System and version: Bootstrap Studio version: Browser used to view the site and version:

Hi Jo, Do you mean provide the log in details for the server?

I'm using Windows 10 home Bootstrap studio 4.3.2 standard edition Google Chrome

No, not the login details, just upload your project file (may need to zip it) to your server and give us a link to download it.

Never provide your login details to anything on a forum or anywhere on the web unless you're in a customer support chat or ticket on a vendor's site that you're getting support for their system/software. Sometimes email too if necessary, but not if you don't have to since emails are usually not all that secure.

Having said that, if you can get the project file uploaded so it can be shared with us, some of us I'm sure will be able to help you out and see if we can narrow down what's happening.

Also, just out of curiosity to be sure that's not the issue, go into your BSS settings for your project and on left side of the window that pops up, click on the Export tab and then make sure you don't have the Minimize Javascript and CSS option checked. That many times messes up for my site too if I try to use that. Not sure why, but just sure it does. You most likely won't want to have anything checked there until you're sure you need it etc.

Hey Jo, Thanks so so much for all your help. Link is here lauramc.5gbfree.com/Websitefile.bsdesign I don't think I have it minimized - But I can double check.

Thanks again for all your help, it's really appreciated! :) :)

Thanks it seems to have downloaded, let me see if there's anything I can see in there to help. :)

Hmm, there's definitely something wrong here, but I won't be able to find out what because the file won't open for me in BSS. In fact, BSS opens, but the project never does, no error messages, nothing, just doesn't open it.

Maybe someone else will give it a try and see.

It downloaded ok for me using Chrome. Opened it in Bootstrap Studio, did a preview which looked ok, so without changibng anything I've uploaded it to a temporary location here where it still looks ok to me.


The only thing I've noticed is several of your files have a an uppercase first letter of the file name uppercase. I would suggest making all file and image names lowercase.

yeah if it loaded up for you then I'm almost sure it's a matter of all the files are not being uploaded when the original poster uploaded the site.

Might I also suggest when you're testing out different components, if you remove them, don't just delete the files, hit the ctrl+z to go back steps to remove them. The reason I say this is because it will then remove all the files it added to your project. Do this of course only after you've checked them out first. Easier to do this one at a time than to do a bunch and then have to remove all those extra files.

I'm going to put a bug post in because I redownloaded the file just to be sure it was not just a fluke that it wouldn't open for me, and it still doesn't open at all. Downloads just fine, file seems fine so not sure if there's an issue between Mac/Windows file versions, but I didn't think there was supposed to be.

Check your files on export Laura and upload them exactly as it exports them. Don't move anything around at all. I would suggest deleting what you have uploaded, reupload and then clear your browser cache as well. Let us know if that does anything or if it's still the same.

ok - thank you so much for all your help! I will delete everything from the server and try export and upload again. *Fingers Crossed** Thanks again so much! :)