CSS Version / Cache Busting

I would like to add a version number the CSS link in the header, such as:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="base_url.com/file.css?v=1.123"/>

with a main objective of cache busting. Is there a way to do this in BSS before version 4. It will take me a week to clean up all the "hidden" items on the BSS 4 converted file and I'm not sure I can do this on Version 4 either. Any help with either putting a version number on the stylesheet link or on cache busting would be greatly appreciated!

I used to do this but most browsers have a way to force a refresh of js/css/etc. In Chrome for OSX , it's Shift -command-R. Pete

Thank you, Pete!

Go to settings if you want it global. Go to the Head Content tab and paste your link code in there and anything else you want to add in your Head that isn't a Meta tag. You can do global meta tags on the Meta Tags tab as well.

If you want it to be on specific pages only, right click on the name of the page in the Design/Pages list and choose Properties ... then same as global info for tabs.

Thank you, Jo. I'm not sure how to amend the code used to call the Stylesheets as it is automatically done in BSS, but this is more of a "really nice to have" than a "got to" .

I would still like to see this feature in bootstrap studio for many other reasons.