Ctrl + giving me issues

Mac Version, latest update

Anytime I hit Ctrl+ whether it’s to copy or paste or whatever, and i’m inside of a text editing mode it kicks me out of the editing mode. Then the next time I do it it will work, but the minute I switch to another text selection to edit it it does it again. Very very annoying and happens a lot.

Happens with Bootstrap 3, 4 and 5 projects.

If possible can you give us some steps to reproduce this? Here is what I do:

  1. Create a fresh design
  2. Drag and drop a paragraph
  3. Double click to edit it. I type text, copy, paste, hit the Ctrl key by itself and in combination, hit the Cmd key by itself and in combination.

The app remains in the text editing mode and doesn’t exhibit the issue you’re describing.

Well it’s not doing it now lol, maybe the update fixed it? might have been something caused by something else? Dunno, but I’ve been in it for the past couple hours and it hasn’t happened at all so I guess it’s all good now. I’ll holler if it comes back :stuck_out_tongue: