CTRL S / Saving doesn't save the entire project - leads to linked code bug

Hey just noticed!

I was editing my javascript.js and pressed ctrl s. I assume it works.

But then I noticed in the top, there was an * next to my project name, indicating it did not save.

So this I think, is the problem I mentioned earlier regarding my linked code isn't mirroring properly. I'm hitting CTRL S rather than hitting the save button - so I don't think that linked code is being saved in to other pages!

I'll report back later.

Thank you for reporting this issue!

This actually was the intended behavior. Hitting Ctrl + S while editing a JS file does the same like hitting the "Apply" button - the changes that you do are applied to the design. This causes the design to get marked as changed, so you will need to save it as well.

We decided that this is the best way to do it, as people are used to press "Ctrl/Cmd+S" to save their code when using a regular editor, but I think it would be a mistake to save the entire design when this is done, which his why we only "apply" the changes in the JS editor.

If somebody has a better idea on how this should work we will be happy to hear it and implement it!

It makes sense now, for sure good design, keep it.

I'm still having to manually edit every linked code snippet tho, kind of annoying. :/

I haven't any thing to report other than its totally broken.

I've had it work once or twice.

Is linked custom code component updating still broken for you? If possible, can you try it in version 2.2.4?

If it is still broken, it will help us a lot if you can send us a .bsdesign file which has the issue, and we will fix it for the next release.

Hey Martin, I went in to BSD a few days ago to update something and it worked as intended!

Let me confirm it's working on a few projects. Hang on... YEP! Looks like it's fully working.

Thanks for the follow up. You're a legend.

Cheers from Canada.