Currently in progress

Most of my clients are still on BS3, but a few BS4 ones are still in progress. Here’s one of my BS4 new faves. It has been a lot of fun doing this one, including the header area which although I didn’t make the graphics themselves, I did put the entire collage together and created the animated footprints as well. Enjoy! Do keep in mind it’s not finished yet so if you find things needing content that will be why :slight_smile:

I’ll post some others from BS3 later too :christmas_tree:

Oh yeah, that’s quite cool. Very creative with the whole Jurassic Park feel. And I like the clever use of the animated gif of dinosaur footprints. This was one of my favorite things to do for my clients when I was building non-responsive websites, to give their sites a little unique “pizzazz”… separate them from their competitors. I did something similar here to give the water in the header pic a sort of shimmering wave effect.

Thanks much, and yours is also very nice indeed, please to the eyes colorwise too. Course, I’m not at all partial to the color purple :stuck_out_tongue:

Liking it jo-r. Plenty info and ye just gotta love that header :ok_hand:

Thanks buys, it took a lot to talk my client into giving me some reins on that header, but it worked out well and I love how it squishes down on the phone size too lol. Just a fun project indeed!