Custom Background in Div/Jumbotron etc

Hey everyone, I have figured out the custom CSS and love it but how to I link to image files while coding? I know how to load an image for images components but when typing custom CSS typing the Background property it does not give me an option to browse for image like the image component does. I thought if I loaded an image into the app using the image component I could just use the same path structure for setting a background but did not work (just got a line through the css code I typed... good way of keeping code error free by the way).

Take a look here :

That is an official bootstrap studio tutorial and this subject is coverd in the video.

Perfecto... Learned so much from that and the 15 tips video. SO MANY FEATURES... worth the money for sure!

? yep the video is a very good tutorial

That should be a required video :)

It covers many of the apps functions. And even some I hadn't thought for such as right clicking the blue dot of a selected section to get a context dropdown. I guess you really do learn something knew everyday :)