Custom code blocks, what am I doing wrong

Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong here?
I can place components before the custom block but not after. Why would that be?
Literally no components I place after the custom code block show up on preview or publish
I can see the component in the editor and the code is in the HTML but it doesn’t appear when I preview or when published.

What html is in your custom block? Is there anywhere you can post the .bsdesign file?

Hi Richard,
I’m using a scrolling library, so lots of data-scroll attributes in the regular HTML markup.
It’s strange, coz I can add BSS components before the custom code block, no problem- but not after. I wonder if the locomotive scrolling is preventing it, in some way??? I think it might have something to do with the scroll library.
Yes, think it’s because of the scrolling library I’m using. The BSS components are out of the scroll container.
Not sure, how I can share the .bsdesign file

You could put the file on your server, if you have one. Or share via dropbox, google drive etc.

I think I’ve figured it out. It’s because I can’t put BSS components inside the custom code block which is a JS scroll library. When I continue to write custom code, the page scrolls and all the content is appearing as expected. The scroll library requires that all the code is within the parent container

I found that deleting the last </div> in your custom code and then adding another custom code block at the end with the </div>

And then add data-scroll-section to your ‘features Centered Icons’ and it works

It seems everything needs to be in the data-scroll-container

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ahhhh! I see. I’ll try that.
Thank you Richard

Also you don’t need to do it in custom code, you can do it by dragging divs and just adding the various data-* attributes


:slight_smile: you’re right.
As always, thank you
I got it to work. The code looks a bit hacky, but it’s working. I did what you suggested about the divs. Didn’t know that could be done, to be honest.
Always be learning, my new moto