Custom Code Component ETA, and navbar-inverse remains white for "Landing page".

New Design: Landing page, when I use navbar-inverse it remains white. The bootstrap.css shows .navbar-inverse class same as .navbar-default class. I would copy and paste it here but I cant even copy code off bootstrap-studio.

Is there an ETA on the Custom Code Component???


I got the same error.

I think someone changes the /assets/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css


should be

I created in my custum css

.navbar-inverse {

so the developer have time to find the problem :slight_smile:

I’m using BSS 2.1.2 and the default navbar coloring is white. The inverse is black. They have it correct. I checked the non-BSS css and searched for “.navbar-inverse” and .navbar-inverse{background-color:#222;border-color:#080808} is correct.

Sorry forgot to mention that the navbar that I added in the BSS change from white to black in the tool and in preview.
Is it possible @evan8ster that you might have the class misspelled for navbar-inverse?

@evan8ster, I see what your saying now. Who ever created the Landing page has altered that version of the bootstrap.min.css. And in their version the .navbar-inverse is white. I would have thought they would have created a custom css for such things.

Not sure this is something really for BSS to handle. Probably would just recommend creating your own custom.css for turning it back to black(ish) #222.

edit: Even further reviewing it, it’s theme based. Switching themes will change the bootstrap.min.css file. I personally would have created separate theme based css files to swap in order to keep the boostrap.min.css clean in my opinion.

Hope that helps you 2 out with what’s going on.


Thank’s @saj, and @Frank for the reply. It’s not an issue, as you said, it’s easy to override the default theme. Just though I’d report the behavior.

Hey guys! The Landing Page and the other templates aren't coded to adapt to the theme - they basically override Bootstrap's theme and force a color, which is why the dropdown doesn't work.

The Bootstrap themes that are built-in Bootstrap Studio are taken from Bootswatch - they are distributed as modifications merged with Bootstrap's css file and we've included them in the same way.

As for the Custom Code component, we delayed it for the upcoming release. See more here.