Custom Code should go anywhere (Warning: Frustrated Rant) :P

I don't even know where to start on this other than I'm sooooo frustrated with the amount of things totally locked to those of us with experience and know how on how to fix things if they break.

A Custom Code block should be able to be added anywhere at all in the Overview or Preview window. There should be absolutely no restrictions there. This alone would help alleviate a good portion of the every $&^%&&^# (fill in your favorite expletive there) thing is locked syndrome with this app.

My prime example right now is trying every which way I can to not have to do a full Custom Code setup for my nav, which I am now resigned that I have no choice. I am trying to create a multi level, not even a large one, I only need 2 levels and I'd be happy if I had just one right now for this client! I need 2 for others.<br /> There are multitudes of Bootstrap 4 multi level navs out there, so they are doable, and they are clean code and they are not hacked, just embellished.

First I tried to mimic it and make one within the app by hand so I could use the drag and drop. That's not even a remote possibility if you want to use anything close to Semantics. Everything must be done with Divs, and then there are things you cannot do at all with trying to add the extra dropdown levels. I gave up.

Today I got a good idea (or so I thought), I'll just insert a Custom Code and put the code needed for the added dropdown in it, and add the js and css needed for the dropdown .... I cannot even do that, I cannot drop anything into a nav that isn't content.

This is so wrong, I have been building websites for over 15 years, I may not know everything, or even close to it, but I sure know how to fix things if I break them, I have good habits to back things up before I mess with them, multiple times.

There is no reason I should NOT be able to put things where I want them regardless of if it will break. Let me break it, PLEASE! I know how to use UNDO, I know how to save a backup and go back to it if needed, I know how to fix the code itself, I don't need you to hold my hand through this and it's getting to the point of not wanting to use the app anymore because of so many restrictions so that the "newbs" don't screw things up. LET THEM! Maybe that will make them go learn something!

Ok I think I got that out of my system. sighs If you can't at least let us add Custom Code wherever we need/want it, for whatever ungodly reason you guys are justifying it with, at least build us a multi level dropdown then that we can use! This is truly one of the only things I have gotten stuck on almost from day one, no multi level, because they stopped making them in Bootstrap directly. But they are doable and this one works perfectly and with ease and easy to update:

I don't need a billion levels, just 2 more than the default menu gives. After days of wasting my time trying to find a way around this, I am back to square one and having to do it all manually with total Custom Code blocks and I just should not have to do that.

P.S. Another super addition to fixing the above 100% would be to just add the main structure blank tags we need so we can make anything we want. We have asked for that before, all they need to be are blank tags with the ability to add classes and id's etc. to. We could structure out own navs or any other thing from scratch using the correct tags then. Add a completely separate section and call it Semantics or whatever you want and put them all in there. That to me would probably be the best solution to all of this.

Thanks, @jo! This is a serious concern. We've been discussing it with the team recently, and reached the conclusion it would be possible to unlock the Navbar. We will also let more components accept CustomCode as a child. This should be ready for our next release.

OMG can you see me bowing to you right now??? You have no idea what I've been through the last 3 days just trying to work around this (well maybe you do). I don't mean to be rude in that post, just you really needed to see how badly frustrated this makes me and I'm sure many others. I can't thank you enough for hearing my words through my rant. I do apologize if it offended anyone, I just needed to get it out and was hoping it would be heard and I'm so grateful right now I am almost speechless ... almost :P

TY TY TY TY TY TY and a million times TY!!

What about converting the Navbar to HTML? Not a pretty solution, but then you could edit it as you see fit.

I think you totally missed the point Printninja, I already do it manually in code 100% with Custom Code blocks, the idea is to "not" have to use the Custom Code for every little thing to do with a nav because you cannot just edit anything much on the default nav other than it's contents.

I too would like to see this implimented in BSS. I also want to use multilevel dropdowns in the Navbar without using all custom code because the Navbar is locked.

Gabriela, how soon do you think this will be available? Would it be in the 4.4.? increment version update?

This would truly be a great update for BSS.