Custom Component-Featured Content Slider

I created a slider using webflow to display featured content, and then was able to recreate it in BSS, first by importing the custom code, and then by recreating each individual div block and adding the various attributes to them. It works well on my site so I created a custom component to be able to share it online and use it for future projects. When I did this i realized that it doesn’t work on other sites and I am a little bit stumped. Also the slider references two javascript files, and hosting them locally didn’t seem to work only referencing them hosted online. If someone could help me clean this up and learn to do it right, so it can be shared online and help others, that would be so awesome.

Here is a google drive folder with everything in it…

I ran into a similar problem.
When you add a component to the gallery, BSS ignores some of the code, whether CSS or JS, a program error.
The solution for the JS is to create a single file for it, joining all that will compose the component, for the CSS I created a single file, but the BSS ignored a lot of the code and the component did not work as it should.

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I have heard ppl talking about this problem before, but i never ever have had experienced it at all, msybe im just lucky idk

Good solution I found!
Merge all JS files, respecting their hierarchy and order.
Merge all CSS files, convert them to SCSS.
Add component to library, delete all CSS customizations, include SCSS and JS files.
In this way I got a positive result.

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I shared my component online, I hope it can help you, or some other friend, his name is!


Please don’t take this the wrong way, but you misspelled carousel. You should rename your component to Carousel-GWD, otherwise anyone searching for carousel components in the online library will never find yours because carousel is spelled incorrectly.

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I wrote it correctly, but in Brazilian Portuguese, then I make this adjustment.


Why not do it in BSS using a standard carousel component with animation of choice no need for webflow
here is an example

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Unfortunately the online component library doesn’t really specify or constrain you to any particular language, and while there are a handful of components posted in other languages, it’s sort of encouraged to keep everything in English, since that’s the language the BSS software uses.

I’ll try that. I am still really new to BSS and learning to do things the right way. There are so many options and ways to get something done and it’s great but I have a lot to learn. I definitly want to accomplish things in the simplest most efficient way so thank you for showing me this!