custom components everywhere

Hi, I am new to BSS and as introduction to the program I'm remaking a website I worked on the last couple of weeks.

Now are most of my projects database driven which is linked with PHP. I read the posts about PHP support

So my plan was to use BSS for styling etc. but not having to change my PHP code for that by doing:

custom code (database query etc. and foreach loop) navbar item (with < ?=$variable?> instead of text) custom code(< ?php } //stop database query foreach statement ?>

This wil enable me to use the power of BSS for design and implement PHP code (which is automatically updated with the design). But when I wanted to use this approach I noticed that I can't make a custom code block inside a < nav > tag and probably a lot of other locked elements.

Hereby my question: Is there a way to place custom components everywhere? Or is there a workaround so I kinda can?(other than converting all to HTML, cause then I can't design with BSS)<br /> And to the developers: Could you make custom code components available everywhere or would that break drag and drop functionality?

Thanks in advance

You might use the possibilty to convert components you have place to html-code and add the additional lines into that.

But when exporting the BS-Project, the pages are called .html.

if you integrate php-code you need to change them after exporting to .php for beeing interpreted by php or tell your webserver to get .html files to be parsed by the php-interpreter.

Another way would be to include external php created results by using XMLRequest or fetch in an javascript file like

    .then(function(response) { return response.text(); })
    .then(function(result) {
        document.getElementById('myExtRessource').innerHTML = result;

where 'myExtRessource' is the ID of your target component and the "/phpinfo.php" is the test-source i put in the root of the exported project.