Custom Components help

""I tried it, but somehow my change doesn't go to other pages. save did, did export, did not happen again please tell me step by step with video or picture

What do you mean lol? What do you mean by "my change doesn't go to other pages" ??? explain, cause that all doesn't make any kind of sense. Instead of "help me" explain more... show screenshot or something, cause most of time ppl will ignore your thread on the forum. If you're making a custom component you're clicking on the component which you wanna save right button "add to label" then you're selecting css/js or other files and typing the name for the component, save and done your component will be visible in the panel "user" every single time whatever are you doing in Bootstrap Studio it will be there... after you can press on it with right button and export it, and that's all i really don't understand where's your problem, lol?

somehow my change doesn’t go to other pages...

Try "Linked Components" instead, or in combination with "Custom Components".

And there is already a help video in the tutorials on it.