Custom components preview is not working [fixed in 2.3.1]

I have just updated to v. 2.3.0 and added a custom component to the library. Unfortunately the mentioned screenshot preview for the just added component is not working. It just shows the name of the component, but not a screenshot of the component. Am i missing something here. Is there anything left for me to do to activate the screenshot preview for custom components ?

Thank you for reporting this! Screenshots should work straight away. Which OS are you running on?

Custom component preview show Image Preview only for Online Downloaded Components. For new components creates itjust shows the name of the component, but not the screenshot.

My OS is Windows 10

Hello Martin. Thanks for your reply.

I am running on Win 7 Ultimate 64bit machine.

I seem to have the same problem with some of the online shared components as well. Some of them do show a preview screenshot and some of them don't. Components shared by the user dnaextrime for example do not have a preview, where as components from other users do show a screenshot preview. Could it have something to do with the elements used or the structuring of the components itself. Maybe there is something wrong with how i setup my components.

I have shared two of them online, so if you want you can take a look and check if the problem is rather related to the CSS rules used or the elements structuring of the components. They are called Jumbotron Circular Addon and Jumbotron Triangular Addon.

Besides that i am still very impressed by BS, great job. ;)

Thanks in advance.

@daviddomain, I personally am seeing screenshots for both Jumbotron Circular Addon and Jumbotron Triangular Addon.

There are a couple others that I'm not seeing screenshots but most I have screenshots for on hovering.

The only 2 that I do not get a screenshot for is the Section-Twitch and Transparent Navigation with animation on scroll.


Hello Saj.

Thanks for letting me know.

I just noticed that the screenshots for the components I shared are working now, but there are still a lot that do not.

Good news is that some of them that did not work before are now showing a preview, but there are at least 18 components for me, that don't Maybe this will be fixed with the next update, or maybe there is some sort of best practice on how to set up components.

Thanks anyway. ;)

There was a bug in the app which prevented screenshots for some components from being generated. We just released an update to address this issue - version 2.3.1. For all new components that you add from now on, screenshots should work. Due to the bug however, the old components that you've added may continue to not show a screenshot. You can solve this by exporting them, deleting them from your library and then re-importing them.

Hello Martin.

Thanks for the quick fix, can confirm that the screenshots are working properly now.