Custom Components Push & Pull

Hi there,

I noticed that there’s no more push & pull on custom components on Bootstrap Studio version 2.0.0.

It’s a great feature to maintain our custom components. Hope to get the push & pull request back. It helps a lot in creating & maintain components.


Push/Pull was removed because it doesn’t work well with the new multiple page designs. We will add linked components in the upcoming release, which I think is a better solution. (Update: Linked Components are now available!).

Do you have a use case for Push/Pull which can’t be solved with the new Linked components?

Hi Martin,

I just tested the Linked Component.

So far it works nicely in a single page.

I’ve tried to duplicate a page(with Linked components in it), and tried to update the component from another page and it seems that the component did not updated accordingly, plus if I update from the new duplicated page, the other linked components in the duplicated page did not update as well.

A user case for Push/Pull which I encountered so far is that, I couldn’t update my header/footer/any components across the pages. Come to think that I have a header,content and footer and I want to make some changes to my header, it’s a bit troublesome to update each pages one by one the component that I want to update.

I think, at some point, Push/Pull still require to get things updated across the pages and I think it’s required to get our custom components updated as well.


We just released an update - 2.1.2 - that fixes a few bugs and adds improvements to how Linked Components work across pages. You can duplicate, copy and paste linked components across pages without an issue. I think they are now ready to handle all use cases that push & pull did.

Looking forward to hear what your experience is once you try them out!