Custom Elements

Is there anyway to put custom elements in bootstrap studio? I've tried with the custom code component, but the html never shows the custom element.

I'm wanting to use this functionality in bootstrap studio:

I figured out a workaround to this. I already have a process of copying html on a specific div wrapper and then running that html through a xml decoder. So in my custom code I'm now replacing < with & l t ; and > with & g t ; (I put spaces between so the forum wouldn't render them) <custom-element-name attr-1='testing' ></custom-element-name> When I copy the html, and run that through the decoder it works.

the HTML shows in BSS, you just need to open the arrow on the left side. Highlight your Custom Code element in the Overview Pane, then in the HTML section it will move to that area, but it just doesn't open the full code to view. Am waiting on the ability to manipulate things for viewing better, but for now just open the arrrow on the left and your code will show. You cannot do anything with it there though, because it's Custom Code, so it's not really helpful other than to see what the code will look like.

The only other way you can manipulate this better would be to recreate the elements yourself. You have all the tools at hand with all the code from the components you want to mimic, jsut recreate them and then you will have full capabilities within the app to manipulate them with Drag and Drop and editing the Classes and ID's and other attributes from below Editor panel.