Custom exporting scripts

Hello everyone i am sorry if i am going to ask something that has been discussed before, i was searching for similar topics and couldn't find solution to my problem. So i am using bootstrap studio to make fast front-end pages and just recently i started learning Laravel and as i am sure lot of you know that it has a certain type of organisation of files. I was wondering if there is a way (probably is i just don't know it) to make such script that would export files in sections i needed. What i am asking ultimately is if you more experienced guys could point me in the right direction so i can learn how to make these "scripts" or "bat files" that are going to run and do what i program them to do. I wasn't able to find any written or video tutorials on how these actually work and is there a way for me to export all the files (after finishing a design in bootstrap studio) in a certain way with certain folders etc.

Hi @Petrovic Sava, I am currently working on a script to convert the pages to blade templates. I will post about it as soon as it's done. Drop me a message then I can tell you as soon as I got something basic working

So, I created a Laravel exporter script you can check it out on this Topic I hope this helps.