custom fonts bug

so, i have just tried using the new custom fonts feature but am not convinced it's working.

I selected a TTF font on my mac that i wanted to test and followed the steps to convert using, but when i downloaded the zip file, extracted all the files (TTF, WOFF, SVG etc) it doesn't recognise any of the generate files that were converted through transfonter.

anyone else getting this issue?

Did you get any error?

To import a custom font you need to locate the css file of the webfont. transforter should generate one. If it still doesn't work, can you send us the zip so we can test it?

ahh - now the css file is generated Martin and that does get recognised, so do i need to import that first? ill try it now

This thread can be deleted now - imported the generated style sheet that was recognised in the zip folder from transfonter worked like a treat.