custom icon font

Hello, is there a way to import custom icon font generated with Fontello?


ok just figured that i need one more step. After imported the font (Import Webfont from Design Panel) i need to import (the same file!) the stylesheet from Import Styleseet in the Design Panel because it's not automatically - full - imported.

now i can use it but only as custom html code

I think this is a workaround and the use of custom font icon isn't supported, it's correct? if I'm wrong, please tell me the right way to do it

Anyway, it would be useful to choose the custom fonticon from the "Icon Option" panel as for the default fonticon.

Yes, just use the new instructions for converting the font first before importing the stylesheet.css generated by transfonter. You will then have to import the fontello.css to your css folder which should be updated to the correct url settings. You could also just paste the information from the transfonter stylesheet too for the @font-face.


Actually I need to correct myself. After importing the converted font to the font folder, you can import the fontello.css without the @fontface info url stuff because it gets stripped anyhow on import. We already have the font @fontface loading in the font folder.

ok. with this instructions works.

because there is no way (that I know) to select my custom icon from Option panel, like with built-in icon set. Is there a way to remove/edit the System Style of an element that come from Studio panel > UI


I think just using a span to put the icon name on works just fine.

The devs could look at this closer as they have opened this up and is just another win win for Bootstrap Studio.

This might provide a "option" to view your custom set internally or externally.

Good to know. Thanks Twinstream.