Custom options for component

There is a way to add options like these to custom components?

No unfortunately, anything you add as a Custom Code component loses all drag and drop capabilities. It does however keep all Styles linking so if you click something in the HTML window it will show you the styles linked to that selected component. I bring that up because it does make editing the CSS of the components a little easier even for Custom Code blocks.

If you need it to give you drag and drop capabilities, then create it from scratch and it will have them. Bout the best that can be done at this time. Not sure if there will ever be the ability to use the Options panels for Custom Code blocks.

Hope that helps.

Ok, thanks!
But I don’t ask it for custom code, but for a component in my library (like for example the exported.bscomp)

If the component is not made up of Custom Code, then there should already be the ability to edit different settings and attributes etc. in the Options and such. Are you not getting those? If not, check to see if the component is Custom Code or not. That’s usually the only thing that would stop it from being editable with drag and drop and such.

Sorry, probably I’m unable to explain my issue.

I’m working to a component for using panorama images in bss projects. I’m using script.

I would like to add the options for set parameter like image, autorotation, copyright, etc… instead of insert those in a javascript.

I would like to have MY Component whit MY options


Ahh ok now that’s the information we needed to know, thanks for sticking with us on it.

The main answer would be no, you’re unable to add settings to the app yourself. If these are settings you want included in the script so that your users can do them then that would be adding the scripts, CSS and JS to the project. These you can import directly and be able to use them within the app then. If it uses anything like PHP then you won’t be able to do it at all and will need to either have an export script that does things for you, or manually add it after export.

This app is pretty powerful in a lot of ways, but it’s still growing so hopefully we’ll see more integration with things people are asking for.

Hope that helps and let us know if any of that works for you or if not, feel free to post in the “Ideas” forum to request features you need.

We have something like this planned. The idea is to let users define options alongside the component when they choose “Add to Library”. Options will either set class names or HTML attributes to the top level element. So in order for your JS library to work, you will need to write some sort of glue code which translates (for example) HTML data attributes to pannellum options.

It may be a while before this is shipped though, Bootstrap 5 is higher priority right now.

This sounds good! At now I continue to use a separate JS to set my options.
Have a good Bootstrap 5!