custom theme compatible with bootstrap studio?

I’m planning to purchase a custom theme from:

Are these theme compatible with bootstrap studio and can be imported and used like the default themes?


You can import everything except the html. If you import the html it will remain "custom code". Before you start hearing all the "PG" suggestions, I would consider recreating the html. It is a laborious chore (I am a owner of Landkit) but once you have everything recreated you have the "whole shebang". (2 weeks of hard work).

I mainly bought it for a learning experience as these templates are well polished and made usually by a group of top notch Bootstrap fanatics who have great structural knowledge and know which plugins to add to make a great template. They also provide now all the sass files (Great Strength of Bootstrap 4 now). If you have enough know how on how Bootstrap css files are made and compiled you can actually add the sass folder structure inside Bootstrap Studio and compile from there. You basically will have the Bootstrap sass, the template sass add-on sass (mimicking the Bootstrap sass cause you dont want to mess with that) and then you add your sass folder structure to add over the top of those two to keep your sass isolated. This allows you to update when Bootstrap 4 updates, the template updates, or you update.

You may have to switch out the Bootstrap js file on export if you are not in sync with Bootstrap Studio Version. You also have to have a blank dummy css theme imported with nothing in it.

So it is possible with some small hoops to jump through if you know how to jump good.

Perfect! So once I import the CSS from those custom templates, the components will appear in bootstrap studio panel, is that a right assumption from what you mentioned?

No, the components in the Bootstrap Studio panel are created from html and css. Thats why you would need to recreate the html. I just cut and pasted it from the html template source files that came with the build. You have to create the element line by line and apply the classes and attributes to them. Then you can "create" a component and save it to the library for it to show up.

I actually learned alot even though I was just doing that. The structure they use are usually all bootstrap classes on the elements.

I think if you thought about how much time it would take to create a website like those professional templates, recreating the html is really quite cheaper in "labor time" than trying to learn how to be a top upper designer pro and learning all the various things to become really amazing.

Got it, I totally agree. It’s a one time cost and use it many times!