Customize or remove: Please match the required format

In my HTML form, for a field, I have a pattern set. When the input does not match pattern, the website shows message Please match the required format

Without crazy oninvalid, onchange, oninput javascript calls, is there is simple way to change this or remove this? I am using a title attribute but that does not suppress this message

Not sure if this classes as ‘crazy’ JavaScript, but have you tried:

oninvalid = this.setCustomValidity('your message here')
oninput   = setCustomValidity('')

That isn’t classes it’s event attributes and the crazy javascript that handle those attributes is built-in in the browser

Yes I know what they are. The op said he didn’t want crazy invalids, which I don’t think this is ‘classed’ as :wink:

The attributes doesn’t prevent the browser built-in tooltip for invalid data. If you hover the input field the tooltip will show up with or without the attributes

I read it as Not sure if these classes are ‘crazy’ JavaScript