Customizing Contact Form Email received

I am new on Bootstrap Studio and in a few hours now i finish my first site and published in my hosting service. it is nice!

But, when i receive an email frm the contact form, I want to customize several things.

How can I do this? Please give me a hint.

Than you

The contact email you receive can’t be changed or edited, apart from the form field entries you have chosen. There’s no availability to rebrand it or use your own mail service.

There are other tools out there that will work better if you require more customisation. But the one that comes with Bootstrap Studio is an easy stand in, great for small personal sites.

I hope this information helps

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You’ll need to use a third-party Form company. Take a look at
One of the forum members here uses it, and speaks very highly of it.

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A good self hosted alternative, that you only pay once for is EasyForms, it gets my recommendation since I use it for some sites.

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