Dark Mode bootstrapstudio.io?

Can we have a Dark Mode option for the site?

For those who have set their interface preferences here to Dark mode, it would help our cave dweller eyes to adjust a lot better when clicking a link from this forum to, for example, the tutorial page, if we have set the main website to a similar theme as well.

The Tutorials are on the Bootstrap Studio website, not here in the Forum. The links at the top that go to the FAQ, Tutorials and Contact have nothing to do with the website Forum itself, or the Dark Mode settings available on the forum. They’re just shortcuts… put there for convenience.

Your confusion is understandable though, because this Forum category is entitled “Site Feedback” which would lead one to believe it pertains to the Bootstrap Studio website, when it actually only pertains to feedback on the Forum site itself. It was created when the developers switched from the previous forum software to the current software (Discourse) and in the days and weeks following the switch, a lot of us were making suggestions about how to set up the new Forums, so the devs created this category specifically for that feedback.

In order for the Tutorials to display in a “dark mode”, the developers would have to actually redo all the CSS styling on their website, and then implement a way for people to switch it from dark to light. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I suspect the chances of that happening are highly unlikely (aka “zero”.)

At the risk of making a bad joke, I suggest the following… :sunglasses:

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