DataTables Addition

It would be awesome if we could get built in support for DataTables

Just add it. You can do that in a Custom Code block I'm pretty sure. I've done some varieties of it on various client sites and using Custom Code works great for them.

One thing to consider though. We've been given notice that they will be unlocking some of the components/classes for us so you may want to wait until then if you can. That way it might even be possible then to create it from scratch. It may be now already, but in case it isn't, use Custom Code blocks if you need it now.

Thanks for the suggestion! We will be adding a built-in data tables component in our next releases. For now the workaround is to include it with Custom Code, like Jo mentioned.

Another Wooohoooo lol. Can't wait for this next release!

Oh wow, thats awesome! Honestly glad I purchased this, Developers that listen to their customers. I'm so happy! Nice to edit BootStrap code in an actual editor rather than DreamWeaver which breaks the view sometimes

I'm in no rush for it. Just wondering when the next release will be?

Did this happen?