Date stamps for uploaded Components

Can we please get date stamps on the Online Components as to what date they were Uploaded/Edited? My reasoning is that many times I will download something to check it out and maybe play with it a bit and save it for a later date to play more or use. But ... then I find other things that might be better. Eventually I end up with a handful of similar components and I may not know which one it was I got last or first. I also like to clean them out periodically when they get old because new code standards can make a big difference in things and I'd like to keep fresher ones over the older ones when needed.

Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing any type of time frame other than the BS version (which I love thanks for adding that!). As much as the version does help me know which one is which, it doesn't help me know which one is newer than another.

Please please pretty please?


I could create a short essay on how to improve the user component section (lol)

Interestingly enough, I went to get a component that Twinstream uploaded for me, and it was date stamped. I checked the ones I had already downloaded and no date stamp there, and I think it's been maybe a month since I last downloaded one. Today's download had a date stamp, so I guess this is already applied and I just didn't realize it yet! Thanks much for doing that whenever you did it!

Any possibility to extend the search to be able to search by year? Or better yet, multiple search terms? That way we could put in the component type name as well as a year to see the most recent ones in the past year. Just food for thought :)

@Jo @Martin Things I would like to eventually see in the Online components...

  1. Search by user name (easy to find all components made by the same person, especially if they make quality components)
  2. Search by number of installs
  3. Search by number of votes
  4. Ability to rename your component after it's been uploaded
  5. Checkbox to include/exclude Bootstrap 3 or 4
  6. Instead of (or in addition to) the categories of Trending and Latest, also have Most Installed, Highest Rated
  7. At some point, perhaps basic organizational categories (Navbars/Menus, Sliders, Footers, Forms, etc)
  8. Requirement that names/descriptions be in English
  9. Perhaps some form of moderation/administration of the Online Library (even if users volunteer) so we can purge really horrible/badly designed/useless components. There is a considerable amount of "chaff" among the "wheat."
  10. Components that have zero downloads after a period of time (IDK, 6 months?) should be auto-purged.
  11. Perhaps a notice in the Component description as to whether the component relies on Custom Code. Since many BSS users don't know how to code this would save them from wasting time downloading something they won't know how to customize.