Dates on our saved library components

I am wondering if we can get the creation/edit dates shown next to the name on the popup preview windows of our components. This would really help when I'm trying to decide which component is the most recent (cleaner code usually on more recently built ones). I tend to save some of them in various folders due to difference of styling for various clients and sometimes I want to clean them up a bit (delete, alter, etc.), but I can't tell which one is the most recent unless I actually go through the process of adding something to a project, and even then I have to go through the code to see if there's anything different from another client's version of it other than colors.

Anyways, would be nice if we could have our components dated so we can see how old they are and that will also help in knowing if something is probably needing an update in the future too.

Thanks for the suggestion! This would be a good addition, and will be straightforward to build. I am adding it to our todo for the next release.

Awesome, thanks much Martin!