Deactivate Classes on Breakpoints

I have a with the class “align-items-end” so that the navigation list is aligned to the right. As a result, when the toggle icon is shown, the navigation list is also aligned to the right. But I want that the navigation is then aligned to the left. So I would like to not use the class “align-items-end” up to the breakpoint “lg”. From “lg” the class should then be set.

How do I solve something like that?

Check the settings and you should find there’s a little arrow on the right of the title. Click that and there should be options there for you to use for various breakpoints.

As Jo-r says you can use the settings in the options pane. It adds a class. The class would be align-items-lg-end. You can type this into the attributes panel also if you prefer. Any breakpoint below lg would be would be the default alignment. For other breakpoints you only need to change the lg part for example align-items-md-end, etc.