Delete Cloudflare

Hello, I have a little question.

How can I delete the link "" in the head ?

Thank you

Ok, the "" is only active if you use animated css. Too bad, because I don't want to have any "cloudflare" in the "Privacy Badger for Firefox".

An idea ?


Would it be possible to have the animate css file locally like the other css files ?

So it would not be necessary to go with a rel link over cloudflare.

Sorry for replying so late! Bootstrap Studio makes use of CDNs whenever possible, as this improves page load times. The animate.css library is included from cloudflare by default when you use the built-in animation feature.

If you want to eliminate cloudflare, there are two workarounds:

  • Import the CSS and JS of Animate.css as local files, and add the data attributes that it expects to the elements directly, without using our animation sidebar settings.
  • Import the CSS and JS of Animate.css as local files, and replace the cloudflare URLs with the local versions. In this case you can continue using the sidebar animation settings. An export script can automate the replacement of the URLs.

Hello and many thanks for the answer.

Yes, the 2nd solution would interest me a lot and would be great to continue using the sidebar animation.

Unfortunately my knowledge is too low to know how to proceed with the "export script".