Deleting a page

Acctually is not a bug, but this happen to me twice, and in the second time I saved my design and only notice later and then have to redone it.
Sometimes you want to delete an object, press DEL and nothing happens. But It does, the problem is that the focus where in my index.html page and BS delete it without ANY warning.
It should ask if I’m certain to delete a page.

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Hasn’t happened to me, but I agree that a verification for deleting pages would be good

It would be a more useful notice than these things (which drive me crazy.)


Just giving this topic a bump because I did this a few days ago (deleted a page) without realizing it, and then saved my site and closed it. It wasn’t a huge issue because I was able to open a backed up version of the website and get the deleted page, but without the backup feature, I probably would have had to rebuild the page from scratch

So I agree, having a confirmation warning that has to be clicked (i.e. are you sure you wish to delete this page [y] [n]) sort of thing would be good.


Do keep in mind that Ctrl+z is your friend. Doesn’t matter what you do, if you hit that (however many times necessary) you will restore everything back to where it was before you deleted something.

Also be aware that unless you are actually targeting(highlighting) a “page” it isn’t going to delete it so there is no way to “not” know it happened so just hit Undo and you’re all good to go again.

I DO agree on some things being deleted that are not on my current page though. That happens quite often if I’ve just done something on another page and I hit undo too many times. Another time it happens “which is truly an issue” is when you have text still in edit mode and you hit Undo (ctrl+z) it will undo things that you did before you went into edit mode of that text, without affecting anything in the text that is being edited. THIS to me is where the real problem lies.

Ok, done ranting … carry on :stuck_out_tongue:

I just find the notification system to be arbitrary and, frankly, kind of unhelpful in its current incarnation. Aside from where they appear, the warnings that tell you an image has been overwritten or an asset reference was updated are more or less expected because you DID something (imported a new image, changed a file name, etc…) to make those notifications appear.

Whereas it’s relatively easy to inadvertently highlight a page in the Design panel and hit the delete key without realizing you deleted it if the page itself wasn’t open.

I guess bottom line is I’d like the notifications to work like they do in Adobe products, where they are all enabled by default, and feature a checkbox that reads, “do not show this notification again.” This way, the user can keep the notifications they find useful, and disable the ones they find intrusive. Then there should be an option in the top menu to reset notifications to their default settings.

Happy to share that notification muting and showing notifications when a page is deleted are going to be addressed in our update this month. You will also be able to switch the position of notifications from the right to the left side of the window.

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Will this be some sort of tabbed interface console-esqe window that slides open and closed via user decision for viewing in-app notifications ?