Deleting custom domain, deletes it from hosting?

Hello! I have my own personal website hosted with Bootstrap Studio.
I am currently using all 5 Website spaces available. I removed one of them just to create a temporary free domain (* to test something out.

Upon removing one of the subdomains linked to my domain. Moments after, it was removed from being published online. This puzzled me. I re-entered the domain and republished it, which fixed the issue.

In the past when I’ve done this, my website and subdomains stay active. Now, it’s just completely removed from hosting on Bootstrap Studio until it’s re-added and published again.

Is this supposed to happen? Intentional Design? Bug?
I had to double check Bootstrap Studios Licensing Page to see what it says, and I didn’t think deleting a website to free up a slot; literally meant delete the website from being hosted.

But, anyway, now I know.

Should probably put some indication on the license that deleting a website from the available slots will no longer host that website.

Unless this was already known by everyone, then I’m pretty slow.

Bootstrap Studio License | Bootstrap Studio Sites

AFAIK, BSS really only gives 5 free quotas to preview the designs we make, and that shouldn’t be for production needs. Replacing one of the 5 existing slots means removing it as well and replacing it with a new page.

To be able to use multiple pages, there are actually many options you can choose from, for example;

  • github/gitlab page + netlify (free)
  • using to publish free (free)
  • use your device as server with cloudflare tunnel (free)
  • get a vps to publish (not free)
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Does your subdomain point to * If so, that means it’s the same as using the quota of the 5 slots given.

However, if you use a custom domain on your own hosting, the deletion on the BSS listing should not affect anything.

Sorry if I misunderstood the context.

After reading your message, I understood that was the case.
I’ll be either switching my domain hosting service to Network Solutions Hosting (Where my domain was purchased), or through GitHub and pay $4/mo for Pro to have private repos with GitHub Pages.

for free hosting with private repo you can try gitlab instead of github

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Sorry for the confusion! Website files on our hosting have always been deleted when the website is deleted from the dialog. Not doing so would only invite abuse.

Maybe last time you’ve done this you’ve seen a cached version by Cloudflare or your browser for a short while and haven’t realized that the site is gone.

To reiterate, this deletion is done only on our hosting. If you publish to other hosting providers, websites files are never removed.

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I appreciate you coming in to explain.
Interesting concept for sure on how Bootstrap Studio works with Hosting Websites.

I guess it makes sense as to why you’ve included a SFTP Option available for those hosting elsewhere.

No complaints towards Bootstrap Studio. It’s still a wonderful program, and wonderful for being able to publish to the web instantly from the Interface while hosting with you.

Just disappointed in myself for not realizing this before making a thread about it, since it looks like I might be complaining.